Thursday, January 15, 2015


Black and white are my bestfriend! You can never go wrong with these colors. For my OOTD post, my theme is black and white. I wanted to be simple yet fashionable, and wearing black and white is perfect for that. 

Forever 21 long sleeve black and white
Forever 21 leather skirt
Ray Bans
Black Doc Martens
Pink Michael Kors 

I also twinned with my younger brother. Suprisingly, a lot of people mistaken as actual twins. I'm very flattered hence I'm 4 years older than my bro. 

School Girl

School girl styles are probably one of the cutest styles ever! Plaid is love. I feel that every girl can pull of a school girl type of outfit. I mean every girl was once a school girl! Right? So this is my version of a school girl inspired outfit.

Forever 21 plaid dress
Forever 21 black oxfords
Black stockings
H&M floppy hat
Kaye Spade NY watch
Red Lipstick