Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Go Clippers!

Los Angeles Clippers..Staples Center..Comfortable Seats..Private Suite..and J.J. Redick!

It was my first time watching a NBA game. I was so thrilled! Thank goodness for having connections because of that we got ourselves a suite on our own. (Yay!) As we are on our way to Los Angeles, ofcourse, traffic awaits us. It was such a long drive. Thank goodness for music. It made the almost three-hour drive so much fun. We sang along to Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, etc. 

Before going to Staples Center, we stopped by the Farmers' Market to get something to eat. Best place ever! Different varieties of food. Everything looks so freakin' good! From steak to sushi to burritos to even tea! They have it! 

6 pm, we decided to go to Staple Center since the game starts at 7. We were't really in a rush since the tickets that we got were V.I.P. since we were at the suites. Before going inside, we took bunch of pictures first. 

Going inside the Staples Center was exhilirating! The ambiance was just so different. All kinds of people are there from socialites to ghetto people. 

The Clippers won by more than 30 points  to Sancramento Kings. They were unbelievable. Redick and his threes! Rivers with his dunks! Such a great experience.

Lastly, my OOTD. I wore a casual outfit since it's a basketball game. 

                      What I wore:
      •Striped sweater from Forever 21
    •Dark Wash high-waisted jeans from           
                  Charlotte Russe
         •Skoolz from Steve Madden
   •Round Sunglasses from Forever 21
         •Louis Vuitton Delightful bag


Feb 22, 2015 is such a great day! Going to Los Angeles is such a fun experience. What is not to love in that city. Especially the food!! 

We went to LACMA and I recommend everyone of you to visit this beautiful museum if you are in L.A. Such beautiful sights. The highlight of LACMA are the light poles. Since it's my first time going to LACMA, everything is just so magical. But, believe me, I would go to that place every day if I could. 


                                                             (SO BEAUTIFUL!!!)







                                                 (Noodles!! I enjoyed this very much!)


Milk Ice Cream Shop is probably the best, or not one of the best ice cream parlors in the world! My advice if you go there order the Red Velvet Ice Cream Sandwich and Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sandwich. I assure you it will not disappoint! They are $5 per serving but it is so worth it! I also recommend their Banana Split, so good! 




All in their menu is worthy of the price. If I have the money in the world I would buy everything in their menu. 

Lastly, my OOTD. Since that day, it was kinda breezy and chilly. I decided to wear a wintery outfit.


                                                               What I am wearing:
•Pink fluffy Forever 21 sweater
                                                         •Forever 21 leather skirt
                                                              •H&M stockings
                                                        •Cathy Jean black boots
                                                     •Claire's white lace headband
                                                          •Louis Vuitton body bag

Monday, February 23, 2015

Walking down Rodeo Drive

February 22, 2015. Sunday. My family and I decided to go up to Los Angeles for our "family" day. We planned to go to Hollywood Blvd where the hollywood walk of fame, the Chinese theather, and the Madame Tusseads are. Well, we forgot one very essential fact in our trip. It's #Oscars2015 that Sunday! So, the whole road for that walk of fame is close for cars, there was major traffic, AND it was raining! Like, seriously! So, we decided to just go to our "back-up plan" which for me is the better plan. Go to Beverly Hills!! The famous Rodeo Drive, where all of the high-end fashion stores are in one street! My haven! 

(My momma and I posing beside our favorite jewelry store. Tiffany & Co. )

(The song, Pretty Woman, was playing in my head while I walk down Rodeo Drive.)

( I have to take a pic of this! My dream is to get a pair of Valentino shoes! I'm saving up!)

(Via Rodeo!!!)

I had a great time shopping ,well mostly, window shopping..I bought something at Niketown. Hehe. 

Next blog post..LACMA trip with the best ice cream I've ever tasted!