Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Finally, sweater weather!

Yes, finally, sweater weather finally is here in California. Well, that was I'm inferring in these past few days. I realized I wore a sweater for the past four days in a row, so I assumed sweater season is finally here! I celebrated it with a Caramel Bruleé latte at starbucks. (Starbucks is having a Buy One Get One Free through Nov. 12- Nov. 16, 2 pm to 5 pm). For the past weeks I've been wishing of a cold weather and thank God it's here! I'm just done with hot weather. Although, I'm kinda sad because I won't be wearing dresses and shorts that often anymore. (Especially shorts!). Scarves and sweaters turn! I can't wait to use my big sweaters and fluffy boots!!


• Forever 21 grey long sleeve shirt
• Foreign Exchange black long sweater
• Charlotte Russe beige high-waisted skinny pants
• Black Doc Martens
• Necklace from Forever 21

Don't worry, I have arms is just not in the picture. LOL

P.S. I love breeze, they blow your hair so nicely for pictures. Hehe

Miss Reigne

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nature Lovin'

My first adventure post! For my CAS project that I have to do for International  Baccalaureate, I chose to do hiking for Action. (CAS means Creativity, Action and Service) I surprisingly enjoyed it! I have not hike in such a long time because of time and I'm not an outdoorsy person. I've invited few of my friends to hike with me because it's recommended that you hike in groups not alone (remember that!). Even though, it was not an easy trail hiking, seeing the pictures that I took, was so worth it! The views are amazing! I have appreciated nature once again. That is why I titled this post Nature Lovin'. 

(First photo I took during the hike, already a beautiful scenery!)

I had to take a picture of myself, nature is just so beautiful! 

Isn't this a cool photo?! I'm so proud of myself. LOL

Found this weird, awesome tree branch. Looks pretty cool!

While having a break, my friend took a candid photo of me. In this pic, I was pointing at the tadpoles that I saw at the river. (So many tadpoles!)

Finally, I could not resist having a pic of my outift! This blog is mainly for OOTDs what do you expect?! Anyways, I wore a sleeveless, blue Dodgers shirt underneath my pink Aeropostale jacket. For my bottoms, I wore an Old Navy leggings ( so comfortable!) Also, I wore an Adidas shoes with Nike socks! 

I recommend hiking! If anyone wants to relax and enjoy a nice breeze, go hiking! Go with groups! Because you never know what's going to happen! Beware of any dangers. Be safe :)


Miss Reigne

Monday, November 10, 2014


I love wearing black. It's just so minimalist! Black can be chic and classy even with the simplest clothes. That is why I chose this outfit apparently for my friend's birthday party. I wanted to be very simple yet fashionable at her party. However, something came up thus I wasn't able to attend :( Anyways, I just had a little photoshoot to make use of my makeup, outfit, and time to get ready.

  • Striped T-shirt dress from Charlotte Russe
  • Doc Martens
  • Choker from Forever 21
  • Kate Spade NY black and gold watch
  • Pink Michael Kors body bag (to add a pop of color!)                                                



I actually adore this look because of its simplicity. This look is getting popular, and I realized (heck!) why not try it! I love experimenting on my looks. This is not my usual style of girly and dainty. However, I believe that my style is very versatile that I can try to wear any type of looks :) 


Saturday, November 8, 2014

First OOTD post!!

Hello darlings, 
Welcome to my first ever OOTD post! Posing in the middle of the road was very embarrassing and scary at the same time for me because while I was posing,a group of walkers/joggers were walking up the hill, they kept giggling! (I was super embarrassed!) and cars kept driving through that road, so it was a pretty memorable experience. LOL. This is what I wore at my younger brother's band concert. I wore something very comfortable because the concert was at the gym, ofcourse, it will be super hot and humid. That is why I chose an outfit that will make me not sweat that much. I wore a black sleeveless mesh top and a black sparkly high-waisted short from Forever 21. Along with a denim jacket from Guess, white Converse shoes and a brown crossover bag from Giani Bernini. My accessories are a black watch from Kate Spade NY and a diamond earrings (but it doesn't show in this pic!) I wore a black ensemble because it was at night and I wanted to be simple yet chic. 

Miss Reigne tries to blog

ᕼEᒪᒪO ᗪᗩᖇᒪIᑎGᔕ,
First, thank you so much for visiting my blog, that means so much to me. Well, I would like to introduce myself. I'm Lireyn Joy Cabiling, 16 years old, and I'm 5'9. I live in the United States of America. I'm Filipino but I have a blood of Spanish and little bit of Chinese. So that's little factoids about myself. Now, for the actual blog. My blog will be focusing more on fashion! Clothes, accecories, fashion inspirations, etc. Mainly my blog will be the OOTDs! So I'll try my best to post atleast every other day :) Thank you so much and hope to see you on my next post! Kisses!