Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Finally, sweater weather!

Yes, finally, sweater weather finally is here in California. Well, that was I'm inferring in these past few days. I realized I wore a sweater for the past four days in a row, so I assumed sweater season is finally here! I celebrated it with a Caramel BruleƩ latte at starbucks. (Starbucks is having a Buy One Get One Free through Nov. 12- Nov. 16, 2 pm to 5 pm). For the past weeks I've been wishing of a cold weather and thank God it's here! I'm just done with hot weather. Although, I'm kinda sad because I won't be wearing dresses and shorts that often anymore. (Especially shorts!). Scarves and sweaters turn! I can't wait to use my big sweaters and fluffy boots!!


• Forever 21 grey long sleeve shirt
• Foreign Exchange black long sweater
• Charlotte Russe beige high-waisted skinny pants
• Black Doc Martens
• Necklace from Forever 21

Don't worry, I have arms is just not in the picture. LOL

P.S. I love breeze, they blow your hair so nicely for pictures. Hehe

Miss Reigne

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