Sunday, March 29, 2015

Oh My Beverly!

You guys can assume that I love going to Beverly Hills. Everytime I drive up to Los Angeles, I have to take a quick stop at BH (MY HAVEN). This trip was so much fun! My uncle and I spent the whole day bonding, and ofcourse, taking pictures! It's funny how my uncle and I try to spot atleast one celebrity, unfortunately, we did not find any. I love how we became "detectives" how every person that walks past us was "that might be a celebrity?".

Our first stop was at Urth Caffé. It was my first time eating at the cafe and will definitely go back! It was so worth it! It's heaven on Urth! (Get it? Hehe)


(I recommend this three-layer cheesecake! I feel like heaven was in my mouth when I was eating it.)
Our next stop was the Beverly Hills Garden Park. It was so schorching hot out there. We literally showered ourself with spray-on sunscreen because we don't want to get sunburn. Anyways, I stucked with the sun and pose like it wasn't 100 degrees weather at all. 


Our next stop was walking down Rodeo Drive which was not that great of a plan since it was scorching hot! Rodeo Drive is probably the best street ever! All the amazing brands are there: Louis Vuitton, Tiffany and Co., Chanel, Valentino, YSL, and a lot more. I love walking down there even though most of the time I just window shop. The ambiance of Rodeo Drive is just so relaxing for me.

Up next our stop at the Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood sign, plus my OOTD.
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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Femme Fatale

It's a risky move to wear black on a 90 degrees weather. The outfit has to be worth the heat that your body will have to endure. Believe me, this black jumpsuit is so worth it! Jumpsuits should be a part of every tall or long-legged woman's closet. Jumpsuits can transform the legs much longer and one's whole physique slimmer. Pair it up with high heels, those legs will be twin towers. However, I believe women that are fun-sized or have longer torso can still wear jumpsuits. Like every fashion enthusiasts will say, "It all depends on how a person carry oneself. It's all in the confidence." I recommend having a jumpsuits that are one color toned because they give an allusion of a slimmer silhouette. 

Regarding where I have my photos taken, My mom and I went to San Juan Capistrano. (Beside the railroad tracks) I love the scenery in these pictures because it gives a "desert feel" for my pictures.

Forever 21 Jumpsuit | Charlotte Russe Black Pumps | Forever 21 Pink Statement Necklace | Guess Sunglasses | Guess Watch 

Sunday, March 8, 2015


A tip to being a girly girl: Wear lace! Any girl who wears lace can easily transform into a girly girl right away. Lace has beautiful qualities that no other patterns have. Lace is just so feminine. It has this quality of femininity and sophistication. Especially, black lace! It is just oozing with perfection. So beautiful.

Since we are having a hot weather for the past few days, I decided to wear a super cute black lace romper. This is what I love with lace, you can wear it day and night. It only depends on how you wear and accessorize it. I wore a black ensemble with it, adding a gold studded statement necklace. 

I've had this black romper for almost 5 years now. It's kinda running short on me now. Still, it fits!

 Since I am a big fan of  Camille Co. She is actually my inspiration to do the blog. I completely adore her fashion sense. Anyways, I commented on one of her posts telling her that she was my inspiration for my blog and if she can give me tips to improve my blog. Surprisingly, she commented! (My fangirl self screamed) She told me that she loves how I enjoy writing about my adventures and my OOTDs and that I should just improve the visual aspects of my posts and the blog itself. (She actually visited my blog!) That is why I begged my dad to let me use his DSLR for my photos. Thank God he agreed. Now, my pictures are better than before. Enjoy the pictures!


Forever 21 Black Lace Romper | H&M Black Floppy Hat | Merona Black Wedges | Gold Studded Statement Necklace |


Friday, March 6, 2015

Blazer the life saver

Every girl should own a blazer. Whatever color: black, blue, pink, beige, etc. Blazer can make any outfit look sophisticated and classy without putting too much effort for it. All women have those days that you want to look great but too lazy to try. Blazer is there to help. It can make any woman, a woman of sophistication.
My advice for women: Have a blazer!

Remembering how we took these pictures were hilarious! The night before we took the pictures I already planned where we are going to shoot and my poses were going to be. However, plans have changed! I hate when that happens. Anyways, I was completely not informed that my brother has a tournament that day thus all day I am stuck at his tournament for the whole freakin' day!

We took the pictures outside El Torito. While everyone was eating and chatting, I forced my mom to take my pictures. It's all or nothing! I have to take my OOTD! So, here were the results haha!

     What I wore:
•Forever 21 black blazer with gold cuffs
•"Simplicity is the key to brilliance" white tee shirt.
•Diamond stud necklace
•Old Navy red pants
•Merona wedges
•Kate Spade NY watch
•Louis Vuitton body bag



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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


For a couple of weeks, California is experiencing the cold weather once again. The rain. (I'm hating it! Can't get good pics with the rain 😩) That is why I wore a very warm yet stylish outfit for my style post. Stereotypically, average people think the "winter" weather as more of sweats kind of day. Well, I'm not the typical average person. The cold weather cannot stop me from being stylish. I super love this look because it's just so basic yet super cute. You don't need a lot of effort wearing this outfit. Not all cute outfits requires effort. This type of look is what one called effortless. 

                     What I wore:
        •Express long black sweater
           •Old Navy blue jeggings
            •Steve Madden Skoolz
      •Forever 21 Statement Necklace

I am completely in love with my new shoes! I got it at Steve Madden. It was originally for $100 but got it for $45!! I love sale! 

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