Friday, March 6, 2015

Blazer the life saver

Every girl should own a blazer. Whatever color: black, blue, pink, beige, etc. Blazer can make any outfit look sophisticated and classy without putting too much effort for it. All women have those days that you want to look great but too lazy to try. Blazer is there to help. It can make any woman, a woman of sophistication.
My advice for women: Have a blazer!

Remembering how we took these pictures were hilarious! The night before we took the pictures I already planned where we are going to shoot and my poses were going to be. However, plans have changed! I hate when that happens. Anyways, I was completely not informed that my brother has a tournament that day thus all day I am stuck at his tournament for the whole freakin' day!

We took the pictures outside El Torito. While everyone was eating and chatting, I forced my mom to take my pictures. It's all or nothing! I have to take my OOTD! So, here were the results haha!

     What I wore:
•Forever 21 black blazer with gold cuffs
•"Simplicity is the key to brilliance" white tee shirt.
•Diamond stud necklace
•Old Navy red pants
•Merona wedges
•Kate Spade NY watch
•Louis Vuitton body bag



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See you guys there!

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