Sunday, March 29, 2015

Oh My Beverly!

You guys can assume that I love going to Beverly Hills. Everytime I drive up to Los Angeles, I have to take a quick stop at BH (MY HAVEN). This trip was so much fun! My uncle and I spent the whole day bonding, and ofcourse, taking pictures! It's funny how my uncle and I try to spot atleast one celebrity, unfortunately, we did not find any. I love how we became "detectives" how every person that walks past us was "that might be a celebrity?".

Our first stop was at Urth Caffé. It was my first time eating at the cafe and will definitely go back! It was so worth it! It's heaven on Urth! (Get it? Hehe)


(I recommend this three-layer cheesecake! I feel like heaven was in my mouth when I was eating it.)
Our next stop was the Beverly Hills Garden Park. It was so schorching hot out there. We literally showered ourself with spray-on sunscreen because we don't want to get sunburn. Anyways, I stucked with the sun and pose like it wasn't 100 degrees weather at all. 


Our next stop was walking down Rodeo Drive which was not that great of a plan since it was scorching hot! Rodeo Drive is probably the best street ever! All the amazing brands are there: Louis Vuitton, Tiffany and Co., Chanel, Valentino, YSL, and a lot more. I love walking down there even though most of the time I just window shop. The ambiance of Rodeo Drive is just so relaxing for me.

Up next our stop at the Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood sign, plus my OOTD.
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