Sunday, March 8, 2015


A tip to being a girly girl: Wear lace! Any girl who wears lace can easily transform into a girly girl right away. Lace has beautiful qualities that no other patterns have. Lace is just so feminine. It has this quality of femininity and sophistication. Especially, black lace! It is just oozing with perfection. So beautiful.

Since we are having a hot weather for the past few days, I decided to wear a super cute black lace romper. This is what I love with lace, you can wear it day and night. It only depends on how you wear and accessorize it. I wore a black ensemble with it, adding a gold studded statement necklace. 

I've had this black romper for almost 5 years now. It's kinda running short on me now. Still, it fits!

 Since I am a big fan of  Camille Co. She is actually my inspiration to do the blog. I completely adore her fashion sense. Anyways, I commented on one of her posts telling her that she was my inspiration for my blog and if she can give me tips to improve my blog. Surprisingly, she commented! (My fangirl self screamed) She told me that she loves how I enjoy writing about my adventures and my OOTDs and that I should just improve the visual aspects of my posts and the blog itself. (She actually visited my blog!) That is why I begged my dad to let me use his DSLR for my photos. Thank God he agreed. Now, my pictures are better than before. Enjoy the pictures!


Forever 21 Black Lace Romper | H&M Black Floppy Hat | Merona Black Wedges | Gold Studded Statement Necklace |


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