Thursday, June 25, 2015


ICE CREAM is the word that we all scream for when it's summer time. To fight the summer wave, we digest a cold, sweet dessert. This calorie-dense, guilty pleasure, little scoops of heaven become our bestfriend this time of season. Every taste of it replenishes our happiness that the sun usually depleats from us. 



Luckily, I have discovered a new ice cream shop in town! CREAM. The cream can be a competition for MILK of Los Angeles. Their Ice Cream Cookie sandwich is amazing! What I like about it is that they give you a choice of what type of cookie sandwich you like. They have a vegan or gluten-free cookies. If you don't want a cookie they can make you a brownie ice cream sandwich. How awesome is that!


The Ice Cream Taco is just pure heaven. The taco is not actually an actual taco. It is made of hard, tasty waffles. They'll also give you three scoops of ice cream (your choice) and two toppings with your choice. For only, $4.99! 




Now, the actual ice cream. I might say the ice creams that I've ordered are pure delight. They are so good! Their salted caramel, cookies and creme, chocoholic, strawberry shortcake, and cookie dough flavored ice creams are scoops of heaven! 

I give this ice cream shop a thumbs up! A worthy of one's time and money.

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