Thursday, June 25, 2015

Young and sweet..only 17

June 24, 1998. The day I was born. 2015 is the year that I turned the year of being a Dancing Queen as Abba would sing. "You are a Dancing Queen, young and sweet, only seventeen." (That's sounds cheesy.) 

This year's birthday, my mom decided to try something all of us haven't tried. Yup, my mother is our official party planner. She decided to have my birthday dinner at Sakura Shabu Shabu. It is a Japanese restaurant where you actually cooked your food in a pot! The cooking first before eating your food is so fun and exciting! At first, I was actually having a hard time because I'm not sure how to season my broth. The food was amazing. Everything was perfect! We will definitely go back to that restaurant.




For OOTN, I wore a red corset dress and my fancy necklace from Charlotte Russe. Nude heels from Cathy Jean and crown from Claire's. 





Truly a night to remember. I can't wait to start my year as a 17-year old. 

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