Sunday, June 14, 2015

Pink is the new black

I know I haven't posted anything for the past months (?) That is why I am so excited when Prom was coming. Because that means, less work and more time to blog! 

Looking for the perfect prom dress for my J/S Prom was such a pain in the buttocks! There are just so many gorgeous dresses! Also, very expensive! Most of the dresses that I kept on falling in love with were over $100, and there's no way I am spending that much money for a dress that I'm only going to wear for one night. 

It was just plain difficult to choose THE dress. Finding the perfect style, the perfect color, etc. 

Thank goodness! A week before Prom, we decided to go to Westminister mall because we've heard there's a windsor in that mall. There I've had find the PERFECT dress. It is just so gorgeous! Instantly, I fell in love with it. Even though, the dress is in a bright color and very simple. I love it. 

I wore a sparkly pink, sheath gown with a side slit. Simple but classy. The pink color gives the gown a youthful vibe to it since the gown is very form-fitting. I love this dress because it has the maturity because of the shape and style, and also it has the youthful aura because of the color and glitters. AND I only got it for $60!! Such a great deal right! 




|Dress from Windsor| |Shoes and earrings from Forever 21| |L Necklace from Kevin's Jeweller| 




It doesn't matter how much the gown is. As long as you carry it with confidence and grace, any dress will look like an expensive one. It all depends on how one carry the clothes. Confidence is key! 

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